Friday, September 01, 2006

Home Decor meets Homeschooling

(August 15)
The newest thing in scrapbooking is home decor - how to transfer scrapbooking from the pages of an album to the walls of one's home. I recently read a magazine that focussed heavily on this. Later I visited the scrapbook store and saw an example on the wall.

I've also been thinking about this quote quite a bit. So with all that circling around in my brain, I sat down one afternoon and created this project. An old picture frame, some beautiful paper that I love and a few hours later it was done.

I'm hoping that when it's on the wall to be seen often, it will help to inspire me and my children our homeschooling journey this year and help us to slow down and think about the important things in education, not just trying to get through it!

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