Thursday, October 21, 2010

True Woman Conferences

I've been interested to hear about the True Woman conferences with Nancy Leigh DeMoss and others. I just found their site with conference messages to download so I'm looking forward to listening to them. It looks like the 2008 ones are complete and they'll keep adding to the 2010 lineup.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Cool Tool

Within the past few weeks, I discovered a neat tool for tracking food and exercise. It's available both as an application for ipod touches/phones and online. You can find the online version at My Fitness Pal or search for it in the applications on your ipod. Best of all - it was free!

I really like the comprehensive database for both food and exercise. Other sites I have tried don't have a lot of exercises listed for strength training. This one has a fair selection and you can add more in. The cardio training is also quite comprehensive.

It also syncs automatically with the online version so it's easy to go back and forth. I like having it all on my touch. The ipod version also doesn't require wi-fi, which is also a bonus. At the gym, I keep track of the exercises I'm doing so I don't have to remember what I did later.

It's always a bonus to find something that works!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Habits of the Mind & Body

At the Common Room blog, the Deputy Headmistress has been writing about habits. Today's post is particularly good, in a convicting sort of way. The questions at the end are some that I know I need to sit down and work through, instead of just grumbling that my children don't do as they are supposed to. It reminds me of a message I heard once by Kenneth Maresco. His main point was that we cannot expect our children to be obedient unless we have trained them to know what that means.

The DHM has been working through a series of Charlotte Mason posts. I really need to read one or more of the six volume series. Anyone up for a reading group?