Friday, September 01, 2006

Baking Fun

(August 17)
Tomorrow there is a country fair in a little town about 45 minutes from us. On Saturday, there is a bench show in our town. Both of these offer opportunity to enter baking, vegetables, fruits, handicrafts, photography, etc. to be judged (and to win prizes ). So today I am baking up a storm.

Already made: One chocolate & one white jelly roll - waiting for fillings
Brownies that are in the oven.
Bread dough rising

To make:
A batch of bun dough that will become rolls & cinnamon buns
Bran muffins
Maybe a banana loaf

I also have some sewing to finish. Of course, I leave it all to the last minute. I need to add buttons to a nightie, put a couple of finishing touches to a cross-stitch picture that's been sitting almost finished for quite a while & wash & iron it, sew the toes & put in the ends on a pair of knitted socks and get a bunch of pictures printed and mounted on cardboard.

Good thing it's still only the middle of the morning!

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