Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cinnamon Toast Challenge

Over the past few years, as I've been talking to some older women, the topic of having company over, especially after evening service or an evening meeting, has come up. What I've found so interesting is that several of them have said that when they had guests, they would serve cinnamon toast. That was a special treat and they always enjoyed having it when someone would drop in to visit. **

I've been thinking about this more and wondering why it is we feel like we have to have a special dessert or baking to serve to company. Why can't we just serve cinnamon toast around the kitchen table and enjoy the visit?

It's also difficult to find time to have people over for supper, although we do try and we enjoy it a lot. We've decided this fall that we're going to try to invite a few people over after Sunday evening service or other evenings as they may come up. I'm not going to fret about what we're going to eat - we'll make sure things are tidy (not spick & span) and get out a loaf of bread (or two) and the cinnamon sugar, along with the tea pot and some mugs and have ourselves a great visit!

Never made cinnamon toast? It's easy - mix cinnamon into a cup of brown sugar until it smells right. Toast bread, spread with butter and sprinkle the sugar mixture over. Enjoy!

** My mother-in-law also said that when she was a teen, they would have Puffed Wheat cereal with milk in the evenings when their friends would come over. Her family delivered milk so they had milk available for that, although she also said that she doesn't remember drinking a lot of milk as a child. I think the Puffed Wheat was for the kids and since I personally prefer cinnamon toast to Puffed Wheat, we'll stick with it. But hey, if that appeals to you...

*** I would also love to hear from others about what they've experienced or heard from older people about what they would serve to people dropping in or coming in to visit for an evening. I think it's fascinating to hear the stories. My mother-in-law just moved her six months ago; we've had more time to visit with her about her growing up years and it's been great.


Jacqueline said...

I love Cinnamon Toast and I haven't had any for ages! I'm afraid I'm not that great on having company in but I'll see what I can do. My DH remembers his family serving just cheese and crackers to company, with tea of course. :-)

Patti said...

One of my favorite memories is coming home from school and my grandma had made homemade bread. She didn't make it very often, and she worked until I was 13 (she didn't start making the bread until after she retired). But we'd have the hot bread with butter and sugar sprinkled on it. I still prefer that over any regular dessert.

Nan said...

cinnamon with brown sugar... interesting! I've done that for cinnamon rolls of course but for toast I have always mixed it with white sugar.

Looking at your profile and sidebar, etc... it's neat how much we have in common! :^)

Brony said...

I haven't had cinnamon toast in a long time.

Hum, what to serve? We used to have tea biscuits.