Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Name that.... Kitchen Utensil?

The kitchen utensil most likely to be lost in your kitchen, that is.

Mine is my vegetable peeler. It is blue (see picture) so you would think that it would be somewhat visible. I know it's not that large (fits in the palm of my hand) so maybe that's part of the problem. Considering too that it depends on the person putting dishes away as to where it might end up, I guess that's the reason that over 50% of the time that I want to use it, I have to track it down!

What is your "most wanted" kitchen utensil?


Patti said...

Funny you should bring this up, Juanita. I'd say measuring spoons hands down. One problem we have with the spoons is they come apart from their set and then individuals disappear....of course the most desired individuals. I wanted the last set I bought to always stay together, but I guess the chain broke or loosened up enough to disconnect.

Bonnie said...

well pretty much all the kitchen utensils are crammed in one single drawer, causing it to be a challenge to find pretty much any single item without causing a huge mess but ... I'd have to say that the most anxiety happens when the ice cream scoop can't be found readily!! :)

Patti said...

The reason I thought it funny that you should have brought this up was at the time I read it I had just experienced irritation for not being able to find the measuring spoons I needed.

Juanita said...

Ha, Patti! Guess why I was posting about my peeler.

Bonnie, the ice cream scoop would certainly be a problem!

Jean in Wisconsin said...

In my kitchen any item can take its turn at being lost--I think it has something to do with my boys doing the dishes!

I keep my peeler in with the table knives, forks and spoons--they are smaller utensils , and the peeler doesn't vanish as easily...as long as it gets put away in the right place!

I'm visiting blogs this morning. Haven't done it in months. Couldn't sleep with my runny nose and all its sneezing!

Have a great day!