Thursday, January 04, 2007

January Tidying

aka "January Lists" (for Rebecca)
aka What Has Been Keeping Me Busy for the Past Four Days

  1. I've been importing all our cds to itunes since we got a bigger (20g) ipod before Christmas. It takes a while to import them all. Does anyone happen to know if you can make a playlist under another playlist (subcategories)? I'd like to put all our Christmas cds under one playlist but it would be easiest to keep them separate if I could do separate folders for each one.
  2. We moved all our books (well, almost all) back downstairs to where they are supposed to live. They tend to migrate upstairs and into bedrooms and don't get put back on the shelf. Add to that little girls who must have been playing library one day and it was quite a mess. But they are now back where they should be and hopefully will stay there. Oldest son, who works as a page at the library, took charge to make sure they were all done properly. :-)
  3. I'm trying to get a grip on school planning for the next few months. Which means that I'm studying geometry. Oldest son is just starting Harold Jacob's Geometry text. I found with Algebra I that it helped a lot for me to work through the text before he did. That way when he came to a problem, I had already worked through it, instead of spending 15-20 minutes thinking through it. It's been a long time since highschool math so I need the review. The good thing about it is that I'm hoping for the next three children that I will be able to work through it with them without having to do it all again.
  4. I've also been planning our writing schedule and need to spend some significant time on it again today. I started using "The Lost Tools of Writing" in the fall but I need to work through it more on my own, making my own lesson plans, since the ones in the book are a little sketchy.
  5. We're having our annual open house on Sunday for our church family. The good thing about it is that the house gets completely cleaned. The bad thing is that the house gets completely cleaned. However, we are on track and once the Christmas tree is out of the living room, we should be able to finish up in time.

I think five is enough to start, don't you?


Kim said...

I used Jacobs for geometry with my oldest, but she was a different sort of student than my middle child. He just didn't get it. He ended up doing Math-U-See.

Garrett is currently doing Saxon Pre-Algebra, and I think I might just stick with Saxon for all hs math. I always seem to go back to it.

Btw, got your note about cross-stitch patterns. I will definitely get back to you on that.

Cyndi said...

Okay Juanita, You've inspired me. I am off to begin my own list...I could be gone for days...