Thursday, January 04, 2007

Movie Review - Night at the Museum

We took our kids to see Night at the Museum the other night. We wondered about taking the younger ones (7 &5) but decided they could go.

We all enjoyed it. It's a fun movie. There's not a lot thoughtful about it, although there is some, and as my husband says, you could drive a truck through some of the holes, but overall, it was fun. It was quite clean - the "occasional rude humour" was really only one incident and it wasn't that bad.

The message of the movie itself centers around the main character learning to stick to a job, even when it is tough. He learns that he can be a leader even when he doesn't feel like a leader. There was even some history - Teddy Roosevelt is one of the main personages in the museum and we learn something about his life through their interaction.

Movie Mistake? My husband spotted an overhead boom microphone in one scene. I missed it. We'll have to check and see what else we missed.


Kim said...

I didn't see the overhead boom thingy.

I really liked the little Roman Gladiator guy and the "Gum Gum" thing.

Cyndi said...

I missed the boom thing too! Now we'll have to rent it. We went on New Years Eve and enjoyed it. It's not often our 12 yr old & 10 yr old (with their oh so unique personalities) can enjoy the same movie.

Brad said...

You know, I thought the boom thing was my imagination, but since you noticed it too, I guess it was there! Max got a kick out of the whole thing. I would agree with your overall synopsis. I enjoyed the vancouver scenes in the movie. They weaved it in with the New York city scenes very well

Juanita said...

No way, there were Vancouver scenes? Which ones?

I have to clarify that it wasn't me who saw the boom thing - it was Terry. Give credit where credit is due and all that. :-)

All four of our kids enjoyed it. And it was fun listening to my husband laugh in the theatre.

Anonymous said...

We (my bf and I) saw the microphone too. It wasn't in just one scene. We kept seeing it when Larry talks to his ex-wife in her house right at the being of the film. (before he entered her house too) We even saw a reflection of a man holding the microphone on top of their heads!!! For a moment, I thought it was deliberate!!!!