Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thankful Saturday

Rebecca is having a month of Thanksgiving. One of the email lists I'm on also has a Thankful Thursday, which I, to my shame, don't always post about. It's more time issues than lack of thanksgiving but still...

Today I'm thankful for
- a husband who is willing to serve and who especially blessed me yesterday by rearranging his day so that he could drive my daughter and me to the city. He had someone in the hospital that he could visit but still, he rearranged things in order to be able to go
- my four children who are growing and maturing all the time
- the opportunity to travel to our denomination's National Convention next week
- the opportunity to see family at the Convention and spend some time with them
- snow so that my kids can play outside
- a church family that is supportive of us

I think I'll stop there for now - I have to save some up for the rest of the month!

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