Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Herding Deer

Last night I was coming home about 10:15 pm down the back alley. In front of me, I saw three deer. Seeing deer in town isn't uncommon so I just slowed down and expected them bound away.

Instead, they just kept walking forward, a little confused. Our driveway is at a "Y" in the alley so I came to the "Y" and started turning into the driveway. The deer were still confused and didn't know which way to go. They finally went up the driveway. As I pulled up, they went into the back yard. I expected them to immediately run away into the front yard.

I got out of the vehicle and walked up the back sidewalk. One of them figured out how to go to the front yard so it disappeared. The other two kept watching me and moving around the yard. When I got to the back door, I called my husband and son and we stood watching them for a minute or two. They almost seemed curious about us.

I've seen deer around a lot but never that close and I've never herded them before!

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