Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm thankful:

1. that I have a nice warm house because it's -18C and snowing outside.

2. for the seat warmers in the car. See #1.
3. for my kids. They make me laugh ** and they are generally very good kids.
4. we got a new kitten this week and that she's settling in well. I was starting to wonder that first day if she would ever stop crying

5. we can go away to the quiz meet this weekend and that everyone is excited about it
6. that we're making contact with an old friend who we have lost touch with
7. for all the blessings God gives us - we really are blessed living here and we don't always remember to thank Him

** See my husband's post. My daughter is the first commenter and it's such a snappy remark!


Anonymous said...

Hold on to your woolies because it is supposed to get colder. Enviroment Canada says -30 (-22F) on Monday. Let's hope they're wrong - as usual. Or are they just wrong about good weather forcasts?

Ditto on the thankful things, by the way!

Patti said...

Wowee, I love cold weather, but maybe I wouldn't like it so well if I lived in Canada where it's a much more common occurance. I think I like it because of enforced solitude (among the family since we try not to go out)

Juanita said...

Well, Patti, it's even colder now - it was -28 last night when we came home.

Around here, we don't have any choice about staying inside when it's cold. If it's snowing hard, I'll sometimes choose to not do an errand or something but if we waited until it was warmer to go outside, we'd be in all winter!

You do get used to it - we start our vehicles at least 10 minutes before we have to go somewhere and we dress for the weather (usually). It's not so bad once we're accustomed to it; it's just the first few days (or weeks!) that it's a shock to the system. Also, this year it's a lot colder earlier. Usually we don't get this weather until January and February.

Anonymous said...

I remember my days in Saskatchewan, Juanita. I used to be really happy when I heard on the radio it was only going to be -15 degrees, because then I bundle the kids up.