Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pictures from the West Coast

It's been raining a lot around this area. Apparently, it's a weather system called "The Pineapple Express" because it's from Hawaii. Today, we were thankful to have sunshine and a relatively warm day so we were able to be outside for the majority of the day.

These are pictures from Lynn Canyon. It's one of our favourite places on the coast. There's a suspension bridge and a nice walk around. My husband & I used to come here fairly often when we were in college and dating.

Then we went to Stanley Park and had lunch and walked around a bit. We had a friend with us from Nova Scotia who hadn't been out here before so we wanted to show him a variety of sights. Lynn Canyon was nice because it was more of a rain forest and Stanley Park, of course, shows the Pacific ocean.

On our way back to the vehicle, we saw four raccoons. Their reaction to us was not what we expected! Note that there is actually no food in our friend's hand:

One more thankful part of my day: I'm thankful I got time in a music store that had lots of choices. It's amazing how fast 45 minutes can disappear when I'm looking at music. I was able to find several options for piano, violin and cello and a new piano offertory book, which I am desperately in need of. Now I'm looking forward to learning new music when we get home.

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Patti said...


Can you list a couple of the titles of the piano, violin, and cello music you found? Maybe it's something Abbie, Grace, and Sam can play with when Sam's home for Christmas.