Saturday, November 04, 2006

Looking for Evidences of Grace

Yesterday we listened to part of a message by CJ Mahaney, presented at Southern Seminary. You can find the links here (scroll down to Oct 24 & 26).

The message was on 1 Cor. 1:1-9. One of his points involves how, even though the Corinthians were in need of correction (the reason why Paul was writing the letter), Paul still saw evidences of God's grace in them. CJ encouraged the listeners to look for evidences of God's grace in others and tell them. He reminds us that it's easier to look for sin then it is to look for grace and that we should be encouraging others by looking for how God is working in their lives, although there are times when exhortation against sin is also appropriate.

As I listened, I thought of my children. How often do I tell them how I see them growing in God and growing in maturity. I need to be actively looking for it more often and then telling them. It was a good reminder.

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Anonymous said...

This post made me think about something I read a long time ago. I think it was Tripp's book Shepherding a Child's Heart. It's so much easier to overlook the good behavior because we expect the good behavior. It's when they're naughty that we explode and make a big deal out of their behavior. His point was that we need to make a VERY big deal out of the good behavior/growth. Thanks for the reminder.