Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Project 365 - May 30

It's a beautiful spring evening here. After our long winter, the warmth of the past few days has been wonderful. All the trees are budding and many are blooming. These pictures are from around our front yard.

Lilac leaves & buds.

Lungwort & gout weed. Sometimes black & white works. Sometimes not so much...

Bergenia - one of my favourite spring flowers.

Forget-me-not, gout weed & lungwort (in the back). And a lone dandelion. Wretched things.

This is the "there's something wrong with this picture" picture. Can you tell me what it is?

And for those of you for whom all these spring flowers are long gone, well, rejoice with me! Our bulbs are blooming beautifully and I'm so happy to have them. The irises are just barely starting and the mid-season tulips are just coming. Spring in northern Alberta! Considering we just had snow last week, I think we're doing OK. LOL

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rebecca said...

Christmas decorations?

Although in the Yukon, we don't bother to take them down, ever.