Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer Reading Challenge Update

My update comments are italicized:

Seasonal Soundings is encouraging us all to read over the summer with her Summer Reading Challenge. Here are the books I'm hoping to get through:

On Teaching the Piano - by Hetty Bolton. I've read this before but since I'm going back to some piano teaching in the fall, I thought it was a good time to reread it. I'm about halfway through. Now about 3/4 of the way through. It's a good reminder to be purposeful in my teaching.

Rhythmics, Dynamics, Pedal - by Leimer-Gieseking. As above. Not yet.

Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student - Corbett. I won't complete this before the end of the summer as I'm participating in an online study group that will go until February but I will be reading this weekly. We're working through logic this week.
This is going well. We have a week's break this week so I'm hoping to get caught up. It's a good thing I didn't have to do some reading this week - lots of running around.

Great Books -

VIRGIL - Aeneid (Robert Fitzgerald translation) - I'm on book 5. Finished! I really enjoyed it - that was a surprise to me. A little gory in places but generally very interesting. I'll be interested to listen in on the lectures in the fall.
LIVY- History of Rome (de Selincourt translation) There are 5 books (main sections). I'm about 3/4 of the way through the first one. However, I have more time for reading next week, I hope, so I'm hoping to make it through it. It's surprisingly interesting. The Great Books are really not that hard to read.
SALLUST - The Jugurthine War / The Conspiracy of Cataline
CAESAR - The Conquest of Gaul
CICERO - Selected Works
PLUTARCH-Lives of Noble Grecians and Romans, vol.2 (Dryden translation)
TACITUS- The Annals of Imperial Rome
SUETONIUS - The Twelve Caesars
JOSEPHUS - The Jewish War
EUSEBIUS- The Church History (Maier translation)
ATHANASIUS- On the Incarnation (with introduction by C. S. Lewis)
ATHANASIUS - Athanasius : The Life of Anthony and the Letter To Marcellinus
AUGUSTINE - Confessions

For our summer book club:
Winter Birds - by Jamie Langston Turner. Most of the books for the book club came but there are two still on their way so I've been restraining myself from reading the copy that I have sitting here. I'm tempted though.
Living the Cross-Centered Life - by CJ Mahaney

In my morning devotions
A Call to Commitment - a commentary on Hebrews by William Lane. I'm at ch. 3-4 and it's very interesting. It's funny but I hadn't really thought about reading commentaries until I saw it mentioned on girltalk. Then I was scanning bookshelves downstairs and discovered this one.
Not too much further. Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll get back to it.

You will notice there is very little fiction on that list. That's because I read fiction all the time, whether it's on the list or not. I have been reading through Patricia Veryan's books again, and I am at the point of needing to read all of her Riddle books (not my favourites out of hers but I'll force myself to read them again...).

The Riddle of the Shipwrecked Spinster
The Riddle of the Deplorable Dandy
The Riddle of the Alabaster Royal
The Riddle of the Lost Lover
The Riddle of the Reluctant Rake

I was in the city library shortly after I posted this and found 4 out of the 5 on the shelf and had the 5th one at home. I had a good binge and read them all. Mostly satisfying. I haven't reread one other series by her yet so maybe I'll get to them as well.

I'm working on a biography of Alexander Graham Bell that is very interesting. I also read Not Buying It and hope to post a review at some point. I read a Helen MacInnes the past few days - The Double Image. I really enjoy MacInnes' writing. She's very thoughtful too - it's not all action.
Happy reading!

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