Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And now for something completely different....

Our whole family enjoys TLC's What Not to Wear, even the two men! I recently found Dress Your Best at our local library and read through it, when I could get it away from various children. Even my husband flipped through it and reported on his body style.

The book is divided into 6 different body types for women, all with subdivisions of petite, average & tall, and 8 body types for men. For each body type, a different outfit is shown, with comments, for weekday, weekend and evening wear. Each body type is represented by a real man or women, including Stacy and Clinton themselves, dressed in the clothing recommended.

There is also a suggested wardrobe list for men and women, as well as a glossary (with pictures) in the back.

I really enjoyed reading through this book. I read all of the commentary, even though the body types don't all apply because it's helpful to see the rationale for each outfit. Some of the styles aren't my favourite (the casual wear for the barrel-chested man, which happens to be the same as my husband, is downright laughable) but I learned a lot about what to look for in clothing.

We like the show, and the book, a lot because Stacy and Clinton are very good at just accepting each person as she is and encouraging her to dress not only for her body type but for her lifestyle as well. There's never any "just lose ten pounds and then you'll look great" attitude. Instead, they encourage people to accent the best parts of their bodies and "de-accent" the worst parts so each one does look her best.

They also tend to look for classic styles that won't go out of fashion instead of the latest trends.

As I'm out shopping now, I'm more likely to look at lines of clothing and think about the fit and style than I was before. For that, I am grateful and I recommend this book for a fun and helpful read for anyone who cares about clothing but who doesn't want to go all out in the "fashion world".


stauf46 said...

Aaaacckkk! Ppppbbbtt! Pppbbtt!

You've not supposed to admit that on my behalf publically!!

Besides, the initial morbid curiosity has worn off now that we've had cable for a couple of weeks.

Rogers Sportsnet, TSN, Speed, now those are TV channels.

Next you'll be claiming I listen to Josh Groban on the side.


Cyndi said...

What a hoot! Since my accident we've had to stay at my parents who have cable (we only get CBC). Very good for me since I can't move out of my chair - I've just discovered this show & it has become my favorite!! It makes me laugh so hard (not great with broken ribs).