Friday, October 21, 2011

Favourite Apps

I have a new app on my ipod that's very fun. So I thought I would post my favourite apps and if anyone can recommend any others, that would be great.

Pepperplate - this is a menu and recipe app that goes with Pepperplate. I was looking for something that would combine menus, recipes and a shopping list and this one does it quite well. You can import recipes or enter them manually, add them to a menu and then click on the link to add the ingredients to the shopping list. The quantities are sometimes a little off but it's still enough to at least remind me to pick up certain items. I found it easier to work with online but then the sync happens very seamlessly.

Just Light - just what it says - it's a light so that you can use your ipod/phone as a flashlight. This comes in handier more than one would think. It's great for reading in bed and I've even used it outside when I've needed a flashlight.

Facebook - need I say more?

Olive Tree ESV Bible - I really like having a Bible version on my ipod. It's certainly not a replacement for my Bible but it's a good alternative, especially since my personal Bible is New King James.

National Post - I like reading the paper version of the National Post but this is a good substitute in a pinch.

CBC Radio - up until just a few weeks ago, I had no idea I could listen to CBC Radio 1 & 2 on my ipod. The app is easy to download and I especially enjoy Radio 2. I just wish I had found it before I moved to a city where it's easily available on the radio! But I don't have a radio inside the house so this is a great thing.

Those are the apps I use the most. I'm still looking for a good money tracker/budgeting app. Has anyone found one?

I also have Angry Birds but I don't play it that often - honest! :-)

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