Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Cool Tool

Within the past few weeks, I discovered a neat tool for tracking food and exercise. It's available both as an application for ipod touches/phones and online. You can find the online version at My Fitness Pal or search for it in the applications on your ipod. Best of all - it was free!

I really like the comprehensive database for both food and exercise. Other sites I have tried don't have a lot of exercises listed for strength training. This one has a fair selection and you can add more in. The cardio training is also quite comprehensive.

It also syncs automatically with the online version so it's easy to go back and forth. I like having it all on my touch. The ipod version also doesn't require wi-fi, which is also a bonus. At the gym, I keep track of the exercises I'm doing so I don't have to remember what I did later.

It's always a bonus to find something that works!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Juanita!

I haven't checked out your blog for a while, and am enjoying "catching" up with you! I've been using My Fitness Pal for just about 2 months. It is a great tool! If you are still on it and want to include me as a friend, so a search for "HidyleDidyle."