Monday, October 05, 2009

Menu Calendars

I am printing out my menu calendar for October and I thought it might be fun to share here. This has been such a helpful thing for our family to have. On the months that I don't do a menu, I struggle with meals but once that menu is on the fridge door, it makes things so much easier. I also find that we eat better because I have planned a variety of meals.

I don't follow it slavishly - sometimes I don't have time to make the item or I don't have the ingredients or we just don't feel like it. Or there are leftovers in the fridge that need to be used. But having a basic guideline just gives me a place to start. For example, yesterday we were supposed to have an enchilada casserole. But I was gone Friday night & Saturday at quizzing so I pulled a roast out of the freezer on Saturday night when we got home and we had it last night for supper.

I keep a file in Word that has one calendar like this one for each month. I change the dates each year and change the menu to reflect our activities (sometimes we're away for a night or there's a potluck or holiday). It really doesn't take that long to change now that I have a year's worth of menus done.


Anonymous said...

Your menu looks great! Watch out - you might have spontaneous dinner guests at your door!
Joy C

Cindy Marsch said...

I don't know that I could commit to a whole year, but I have a week-at-a-time approach this year that is working well with a new routine. This school year I'm making breakfast for everyone each weekday, and with rising at 6 to do that, I need to know ahead of time what I'm doing! I do lighter breakfasts on the days I know dh has an early-ish lunch. I also need to have a lunch for the sixth grader to take to school, and I want to coordinate that with the days he's getting white milk at school or the special chocolate milk or orange juice once each week. I've been buying deli meats for sandwiches and freezing them ahead of time in little packages.

Anyway, once a week while watching a lecture with Betsy, I'll redo my wipe-off board that's decoratively divided into columns for the days of the week, planning out each day's breakfast, lunch for Ben, and supper. It's such a blessing to just LOOK at it and know what to do! :-)