Thursday, November 18, 2010

I listened to an interesting message this morning from Karen Lorits at the True Woman Conference. You can listen to it here (scroll down to find her message).

She ended with a quote from Max Lucado that I really appreciated:
Praise to God! You are a great God. Your character is holy. Your truth is absolute. Your strength is unending. Your discipline is fair. You are a great God. The mountain of Your knowledge has no peak, the ocean of Your love has no shore, the fabric of Your fidelity has no tear, the rock of Your Word has no crack. You are a great God. Your patience surprises us. Your beauty stuns us. Your love stirs us. You are a great God. Your provisions are abundant for our needs. Your light is adequate for our path. Your grace is efficient for our sins. You are a great God. We even declare with reluctant words, “Your plan is perfect.” You are never early, never late, never tardy, never quick. You sent Your Son in the fullness of time and will return at the consummation of time. Your plan is perfect. . .bewildering, puzzling, troubling, but it's perfect.

Even in the midst of trials, God is great and His plan is perfect.

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Becky Bonham said...

That's a great quote! Thanks for sharing :-)