Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Robins are Back!

Today the robins came back.

Well, actually they may have been back for a few days but today they were suddenly heard everywhere. There was a steady chirping around town - spring must be here!

I was teaching piano, watching the robins congregate in the front yard birch. Of course, by the time I got outside, they weren't hanging around in the birch any more. But I did manage to get a couple of pictures and I enjoyed listening to them sing as I walked around the yard looking for one to photograph.

Our copywork for tomorrow:

Sir Robin

Rollicking Robin is here again.
What does he care for the April rain?
Care for it? Glad of it! Doesn't he know
That the April rain carries off the snow,
And coaxes out leaves to shadow his nest,
And washes his pretty red Easter vest,
And makes the juice of the cherry sweet,
For his hungry little robins to eat?
"Ha! ha! ha!" hear the jolly bird laugh,
"That isn't the best of the story, by half!"

Robin, Sir Robin, gay, red-vested knight,
Now you have come to us, summer's in sight;
You never dream of the wonders you bring,
Visions that follow the flash of your wing;
How all the beautiful By-and-by
Around you and after you seems to fly!
Sing on, or eat on, as pleases your mind,
Well have you earned every morsel you find.
"Aye! ha! ha! ha!" whistles Robin, "My dear,
Let us all take our own choice of good cheer!"

Lucy Larcom

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