Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yummy Homemade Buns

I enjoy making bread and buns. Last week, I tried a new recipe for buns from Mennonite Girls can Cook - Honey Bran Buns. It is probably the best bun recipe I have made - this one is a keeper.

I must make mine bigger because I doubled it and got about four dozen where the recipe said it would make about three dozen. But make them whatever size you want. I also reduced the yeast in doubling it (maybe it's just me but if I double the yeast in a bread recipe, it often tastes "yeasty" to me) and used about half whole-wheat flour.



Jacqueline said...

MMMMM..I just might have to try those next week

rebecca said...

Juanita, I just made those to go with supper tonight!

One batch made 33 for me. I've already eaten two and supper hasn't started yet. :)