Monday, June 08, 2009

Summer Reading Challenge

I was just thinking this morning about my summer reading. Lo and behold, what did I come across at Seasonal Soundings but a Summer Reading Challenge?

Here's my list:

Dallimore's two volume biography of George Whitefield

Does Christianity Squash Women?

Moby Dick

Women Helping Women

Women Leading Women

A Place of Quiet Rest - Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Showing the Spirit - Don Carson - (I'm about halfway through)

The Book of Negroes - Lawrence Hill - (book club summer selection - I've read it once but I'll read it again to refresh my memory)

Tapestry of War: a private view of Canadians in the Great War - Sandra Gwyn

The Private Capital: ambition and love in the age of Macdonald and Laurier - Sandra Gwyn

Probably this is a terribly ambitious list but many of these books have been sitting on my shelf waiting to be read so it's time!

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