Friday, April 10, 2009


Terry & I just returned from a trip to a Pastors' & Wives' conference. The bookstore was great! And of course, this way, I didn't have to pay shipping (that's the official reason, anyway). In this pile are books Terry bought for his resources, books that were given to us for the conference and the rest that just happened to make it into my hands while wandering around the bookstore!

I couldn't quite get the stack without glare on the books. Here's what's in the pile (top to bottom):

Redeeming Science - Vern Poythress - this looks really interesting, although I have a feeling I wouldn't understand a bunch of it. Here's a blurb from the back:
Redeeming Science attempts to kindle our appreciation for science as it ought to be—science that could serve as a path for praising God and serving fellow human beings. Through examining the wonderfully complex and immutable laws of nature, author Vern Poythress explains, we ought to recognize the wisdom, care, and beauty of God. A Christian worldview restores a true response to science, where we praise the God who created nature and cares for it.

Apostolic Preaching of the Cross - Morris - I think this is one Terry's been looking for and hasn't been able to find

How Good is Good Enough - Andy Stanley (resources) - a friend recommended this one highly. I'm looking forward to reading it. It's just a short little book but he said it's really good for helping people to share with non-Christians who think they are "good enough".

The Gospel & Personal Evangelism - Mark Dever (resources) - another recommendation.

Just Do Something - Kevin DeYoung (home) - Our son picked this one up Sunday morning. It's a great little book on finding God's will in your life. The subtitle is "How to Make a Decision Without Dreams, Visions, Fleeces, Open Doors, Random Verses, Casting Lots, Liver Shivers, Writing in the Sky, etc."

The Heart of Evangelism - Barrs (resources) - notice a pattern here?

Big Truths for Young Hearts - Bruce Ware (freebie) - this looks interesting to go through with our younger girls. Ware covers a variety of theological topics in a way suited to younger readers.

Preach the Word - Ryken & Wilson (freebie - I think)

From Grief to Glory - James Bruce (home) - there was a good selection of books on grief that I went through. This was one that looked really interesting and helpful.

Leading Children towards Gospel Repentance and Faith - Marty Machowski (resources) - a little booklet on leading children to Christ using the "ABC" method - plus "D". We really appreciate the Sunday school curriculum by Machowski & his church and this little booklet looks great to use as a resource for VBS or Sunday School teachers.

Radical Womanhood - Carolyn McCulley (home) - This is a look at the history of feminism and how it affects the church today. I thought it would be a good resource to have.

A Place of Quiet Rest - Nancy Leigh DeMoss (home) - a book on developing a pattern of personal devotions. It's always good to be reminded of this and I thought it would be a good one to have on my resource shelf.

Women Helping Women: A Biblical Guide to Major Issues Women Face - Fitzpatrick (home) - Sometimes (often!) I find it hard to know what to say! I think this will be a good book to help me to know what to say when talking to other women about major issues in our lives.

Heaven and Heaven for Kids - Randy Alcorn (home) - I've been wanting to read this for a while. I've read Alcorn's fiction but I'm interested to read what he has to say about heaven in this nonfiction book. I read about 1/3 on the way home yesterday and it's already really good. My girls started Heaven for Kids and they liked it too. After having been through the past 6 months, I'm more aware of a need for good theology about heaven.

Anne Bradstreet - Nichols (home) - I've heard about Anne Bradstreet for several years but have never had a chance to read the poetry of this Puritan woman. This book is a combination of biography and poetry. I glanced at it the other day but haven't spent any time in it.

The Suffering of Man and the Sovereignty of God - Spurgeon (home) - sermons from Job.

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Cindy Marsch said...

So what kind of jam goes with these books? :-) I really love Alcorn's *Safely Home* and am intrigued about the *Heaven* title--what do the SGM folks say about it?