Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Break

I've observed that when Kim and others take a break, they only blog once a day.

I, on the other hand, have not blogged for at least 2 weeks. Maybe more - how long ago was March 4? :-)

What can I say? Life has taken over. Schooling the kids, cooking, cleaning, scrapbooking (probably more scrapbooking than cleaning but who's counting?), reading - blogging has taken a back seat to them all. But I have some great scrapbook pages - 2006 is about 1 page in total away from being complete.

I haven't decided yet if that's OK or if I'll continue on with this. But I do have one book review I'm hoping to get to soon and I also wanted to introduce

Oldest Son's Newest Project - The Quizzing Nerd.

I hope he keeps it up - it's been great so far! Oldest daughter's blog is linked in the sidebar and she's started posting some more too.

The hubby has not. Maybe we should combine forces - we seem to be about equal in our output!


Cyndi said...

Nice to 'see' you back posting. I flipped over and read your kids' blogs - I think I really like your children. You and Terry have done well! Or maybe they have done well in spite of you??!! heehee FYI: We're in the midst of planning a trip to Edmonton at the end of June. Reid's niece is getting married (they live in Yellowknife but getting married in Edmonton - go figure). I'd love to try to work out a visit in there. We'll be in touch.

Kim said...

I should be scrapbooking and reading, too!

You should never feel neglectful of your blog if you are reading. I am still trying to finish Above All Earthly Pow'rs.

We're going away this weekend, and I'm hoping to finish it on the plane.