Sunday, October 15, 2006


**Updated to change Kara's links which she nicely posted in the comments.**

I just updated my sidebar again with more books. I also just noticed that the link for my husband's blog wasn't working - poor guy. I checked and it was a typo that I changed so now everyone can go and check his great blog.

I am amazed by those people who post everyday or several times a day. I was amazed by them before I started blogging and I'm even more amazed now. It seems like the days just fly by and I have to constantly be choosing what to do. It's never a choice between having nothing to do and blogging or scrapbooking or school work. It's always a choice between a lot of good things. So the blogging doesn't happen all that often. Neither does the scrapbooking, although I did get quite a bit accomplished on Friday evening and last night. I will post some pictures one of these days.

In an online discussion, I posted a list of the podcasts and mp3 sources that I enjoy. I think I'll post that here as well. As Terry said in a recent post, there's so much good audio to listen to that there's not a choice between good and bad but between better & best.

Here's my list of recommendations. I'm sure there are more!

- Capitol Hill Baptist Church (Mark Dever) - for both messages on podcasts and interviews with 9 Marks Ministries (those are mp3s)
- Sovereign Grace churches - most of them have podcasts. I like Covenant Life - They have separate series sometimes, in addition to the podcasts, and they are free, for the most part. They sell messages from their conferences (for reasonable prices) through the Sovereign Grace Ministries Store.
- Mars Hill Church (Mark Driscoll) - Somewhat controversial - you may disagree with what Mark Driscoll says but you will always have an opinion. I appreciate the Word-centeredness and am not generally bothered by his style. But everyone's different so if you are bothered by it ....
- Revive Our Hearts (Nancy Leigh DeMoss) - 15 minute segments which is nice sometimes
- Tim Challies has started a podcast. I haven't listened to the first interview with Mark Dever yet but plan to soon.
- Alistair Begg - Truth for Life - I don't currently subscribe to this podcast but I do enjoy his preaching.
- For children - Kara's audiobooks (for current books). I haven't listened to many of these but I should get the girls going on them more. She has Our Island Story and Heidi, plus others. For the completed books, please listen here.

My dh recently discovered the MacLaurin Institute and their mp3s. He's listened to a few and they are excellent. Ravi Zacharias, Peter Kreeft and others. He particularly liked the series by Vishal Mangalwadi.
Desiring God- They have made all of John Piper's messages available. The latest from the Desiring God conference is available for free. Also, there are historical biographies by John Piper that my dh has enjoyed (they are on my list to listen to).

There are many more but those are the main ones I listen to. I'm currently trying to get through a series of messages and workshops from the Worship God '06 conference put on by Sovereign Grace. I listened to a workshop last night by Bob Kauflin on worship teams and rehearsals/arranging music. It was excellent and a very good reminder to this piano player!


Kara said...

Hey thanks for the mention! The page you link to is no longer being updated. All my audiobook chapters are posted here instead:
and the completed books are listed here:

Hope your girls enjoy the stories. Yay homeschoolers!

Patti said...

Thanks, Juanita; those look great.

The audiobook for kids are a great thing you're doing Kara.

Kara said...

Well, thanks, I love to read out loud! I'm working on a poetry book right now: "Poems Every Child Should Know" which is a fantastic anthology, published in 1904, when school children memorized poetry as a matter of course. I've got 15 of 81 sections completed :) (each section is 5-6 minutes long)